The children were so happy to see us this morning. You would have thought that we had been gone for days. One little boy came up to me and said, “I missed you.” And then asked if we would come back tomorrow. I said, “yes,” with a heavy heart, knowing that I would not be able to give him the same answer tomorrow. It is going to be difficult to say goodbye to the children tomorrow night. But I don’t want to think about that just now.

Today was a productive day. We finished the narrow deck between the buildings that will house the shoes that the children leave outside in a lovely straight line.

We repeated the routine of the first two days; the VBS in the morning, playing with the kids outside until their lunch time, and then in the afternoon working with the Dream Center kids, helping with homework and then doing a Bible lesson, puppet show and craft.

Today we added a fun Zumba workout with the kids led by Diana, and Sabrina had the kids acting out the Bible lesson as Molly taught. It was fun to see the team members adding their personal touch and using their own gifts and talents for the Lord.

We are all tired, and tomorrow some of us plan on getting up early to watch the sunrise on the beach across the road, so I will say good night, sweet dreams, and I will write again tomorrow.

Thank you for continuing to pray for us. We need it.
God bless and much love from your South Africa Missions Team.



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